1999 20th Anniversary Tour

The TurningStone Casino is a beautiful venue for any show. Small and personal, with no smoking or alcoholic beverages. I was lucky enough to be right up against the stage.

Less than an hour drive from home, I took advantage and brought my Mom and Dad, a sister, brother-in-law, niece, friend, her son, her father, and her brother and his wife. We spanned from age 10 to 70!

The highlight of the night was when my friends son, was able to present Neil with a bucket of bubble gum. Neil gave him a high five and then talked to him about baseball, right on stage! Neil went back to his spot and tossed a piece of gum back to Karl. Then they proceeded to play Heartbreaker.

When the song was over Neil walked right up and handed Karl the pic he just played with! After the encore, Pat and Neil came over and gave us all a high five and Neil signed the back of Karls denim Pat jacket!